Burghley Park Golf Club

The course

The Club began on 29 October 1890 with a meeting at the George Hotel, Stamford at which the Marquis of Exeter
consented to the building of a ‘links course’ on the Burghley Estate with the Marquis being duly elected President.
This presidency was held for over a hundred years by the Marquis and a number of his descendants.

The course was originally located on the ‘Waterloo Plain’ but re-located in 1901 to ‘High Park’, which is the current location. The reason for the move was that the Marquis wanted to produce hay on the Waterloo Plain!

The club developed slowly in the early days but play nevertheless continued during the Great War, during which
time a Croquet Club was formed with part of the course being used in the 1920’s by the Hockey Club.

Modernisation came to BPGC in 1930 with the purchase of a tractor and the subsequent committee squabbles about the building of a shed for its storage, which is a far cry from the very latest John Deere and JCB equipment the club
has today. Although part of the course was closed in 1942 during the Second World War, nine holes were always kept in playing condition. Play on the course has been continuous throughout its history, making it one of the most
established courses in the country.

Progress on the course was made during the 1950’s with the introduction of bunkers. In 1960 a licence was granted
for a bar and the membership almost overnight increased to 141.

By 1971 there was a total membership of 520, and at that time, the club had developed a group of highly talented
young golfers, coming 1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 8th in the Lincolnshire County Championships. Most notably, one of these young guns was Mark James, European Ryder Cup Captain in 1999, who is now an Honorary Life Member of
the club.

Burghley Park Golf Club has gone from strength to strength in terms of course quality and the standard of players, setting high levels of achievements from both individuals and teams over recent years. You will find that the
members at BPGC take their golf seriously, but also enjoy a good time, which is evidenced by its warm relaxed clubhouse
atmosphere and a wide variety of social events. 

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