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Code of Conduct

Key Objective

Like many Clubs, we would like to achieve a minimum standard of behaviour from all members, visitors and guests.  The underpinning philosophy, as with golf in general, is mutual respect.  We wish to make every visit to our Club an enjoyable and pleasurable experience.  As a result, we would like every member, visitor or guest to abide by a simple code of conduct underpinned by that concept of mutual respect.


We would like everyone to make an effort to achieve a “smart casual” appearance.

On the course, this means we prefer:

Ladies to wear a collared shirt (with or without sleeves) or a collarless blouse/top with sleeves or appropriate sports shirts.  Whilst polo and turtle neck shirts are acceptable, we would prefer that those with large logos, etc are not worn;
Men wearing collared shirts or sports type are preferred, and shirts with large logos and rugby/football branded are not;
For both men and ladies, trousers, shorts, and skirts should be tailored and smart and when peaked caps are worn on the course we do expect the peak to be worn at the front.

In the Clubhouse, we would again hope the smart casual regime will be maintained.  As you might understand, large logos, tracksuits, football shirts are not acceptable.  Smart denim jeans and smart trainers are acceptable but we prefer that ‘flip flops’ are avoided.

We are, of course, happy to relax any expectations regarding appearance for those under 12.

Other Provisions

As you would expect in a regime of mutual respect, we ask that mobiles, smartphones and tablets are set to silent in the Clubhouse, on the patio and on the course.  We discourage use of mobiles on the course, except in an emergency.  If emergency calls are necessary from the course, then please call the Pro Shop on 01780 753789 Option 1 who will deal with the emergency.  Any other outgoing calls should be made from the Car Park or the entrance foyer.

We are happy for members, visitors and guests to use laptops or similar equipment in the Clubhouse and we do provide a Wi-Fi to facilitate such usage.  We do however ask that people wishing to use these technologies, sign a data protection policy when they collect the wi-fi codes from the bar staff.

We are happy for members, visitors and guests to use buggies (having signed the appropriate policy), and trolleys etc. However, please avoid taking trolleys into locker rooms.  Naturally taking golf equipment into the Clubhouse should be avoided.

If you have any emergencies then please tell the staff of Pro Shop or any other staff you might find, otherwise we hope you will respond to any directions from the staff and use the appropriate emergency exits should there be an emergency in the Clubhouse.  Any emergency on the course, will be announced by the sounding of the hooter.  Players are required (not requested) to stop playing immediately and walk in.

We thank you for your cooperation.

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